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Erupt™ Medi-Kit™

Erupt™ Medi-Kit™
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Manufacturer: Erupt Plant Nutrients
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“4G” Grow System

ERUPT’s® 4th Generation (4G) product offering is the most feature-rich system for growing medicinal herbs available anywhere. The ERUPT® 4G grow system is the highest performance (offering the largest yields) and the most environmentally friendly nutrients & enhancer system available. All ERUPT® F420TM nutrient products are based upon our patent pending unique “Molecular Nano-Technology”. Nutrients are released upon plant demand lending reason to the low leaching nature, high nutrient availability, and value of all ERUPT® products. We have a formulation for all your "gardening" needs.

Our “Green Growing Technology” is unparalleled worldwide and backed up by sound and responsible scientific research, product development and independent clinical testing.

Medi-Kit® “4G” Grow System

The ERUPT® Easy-to-Grow Medi-KitTM is a complete kit to grow plants from seed or clone to harvest indoors or out. As with some other producing plants, the medicinal herb plant requires different nutrients and nutrient levels at different times throughout its life cycle. The ERUPT® Medi-KitTM has been designed to and includes all of the elements to nurture the medicinal herb plant the correct way at the correct time. ERUPT’s® leading environmental stewardship has brought to market the only technology of its kind proven in clinical trials to be up to 90% less harmful to our eco-system and waterways.


Kit Contents

  •  ProGro StartTM (20-20-20) - 1 x 500g (17.5oz.) Jar

    ERUPT® ProGro Start TM is a well-balanced blend of all the essential nutrients required to promote excellent health and accelerated growth in the medicinal herb garden throughout the vegetation cycle of plant development. You will be astounded at the size and number of developing bud sites on each plant. Designed specifically to be used in combination with the second portion of the combination duo, ERUPT® Budimus MaximusTM

  • Budimus MaximusTM (10-30-20) - 1 x 500g (17.5oz.) Jar

    ERUPT® Budimus MaximusTM is the finishing nutrient counterpart for the medicinal herb garden. Picking up where ERUPT® ProGro StartTM left off, ERUPT® Budimus MaximusTM is the extra special formulation that will produce many, large, potent, and flavorful buds. We accomplish this by combining all of the well-balanced (ratio perfect) essential nutrients and carbohydrates required to induce rapid and healthy bud formation. Your yields will be bigger, stronger and flavorful to the most discriminating connoisseurs.

  • Carb-FXTM - 1 x 100g (7oz.) Jar

    ERUPT® Carb-FXTM is a carbohydrate blend containing simple and complex carbohydrates and several additional important nutrients in significant quantities. Supplementing carbohydrates to that which the plant normally produces allows the plant to expend energy in other ways - build tissue during the vegetative growth cycle and build large, potent and flavorful produce during the flower cycle. Commercial Grower Endorsed, Carb-FXTM as part of the “6-Pack” growing system allowed commercial growers to exceed their normal yield byup to 50%.

  • Bud-FXTM - 1 x 100g (7oz.) Jar    

ERUPT® Bud-FXTM is an organic nutrient source that works in concert with the Budimus MaximusTM flower cycle nutrient supplying boosted levels of much needed nutrients during this critical time. Commercial Grower Endorsed, Bud-FXTM delivers both immediate and slow release nutrients and promotes the plants ability to multiply and push out branches and flowers.

  • Foliar-FXTM - 1 x 110mL Bottle   

ERUPT® Foliar-FXTM is a Hybrid Enhancer that nurtures cellular health, function & division (plant growth) throughout the plants entire life cycle and promotes increased metabolic function. Foliar-FXTM contains a “ratio-perfect” Vitamin B complex mitigating exposure to “shock” and protects the plant from soil borne disease, the Free L-Amino Acid complex provides supplement to those normally biosynthesized within the plant and supports numerous cellular level and metabolic functions. The gentle nutrient content plus the extra Magnesium and Sulphur boost, combined with the nutrient application regimen build bigger, stronger plants, and larger yields. The Vitamin “C” component in Foliar-FXTM protects plants from the harmful portion of the UV spectrum.

  • 1 x Quick Start Guide & Instructional DVD
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