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"Nutrients are so important so I was really quite reserved about this. I bought a sample of their ProGro Combo product at the show and gave it a try on a few of my plants and I got to say these are out growing my others, I've applied the Buddimus and can't wait to harvest and try them – looks like you've got some trick nutes Erupt. I'll be back to you after harvest"

Ray - Bay Area, NoCal

"Budimus Maximus, can you believe it what a name but man does this s**t ever work. I started my plants with another nute product but tried the Budimus on a 2 of them when they started to bud. I grow indoors and don't really care about the environmental bit, but the cool part about it is the potency was as good as normal (strong) and so smooth to smoke – I'm a believer!"

Grant - Pickering, ON

"That ProGro Start product is absolutely awesome – I grow outdoor and my plants were nearly 9 feet tall before they started to bud – There is a laneway behind my back yard and I had to tie them sideways to hide them from obvious view. I really like the idea of being environmentally friendly and oh and by the way the produce was terrific!"

Pauline - Abbotsford, BC

"I have grown medicinal marijuana for several years. Usually I plant 6; 3 Indica and 3 Sativa in my backyard and get a reasonable yield …… but this year using the Erupt Nutrient products my yields were significantly larger and the flavour was the best that it's ever been."

Nigel - Cobourg, ON

"I overnuted with another product and almost lost my little Girl.. flushed and the erupt pro gro brought me back to life.....thank you erupt."

K.C. - Toronto, ON

"Day 29 using erupt; this product is amazing"

Dave - Colorado, USA

"received package @ 2:00 pm today thanks will be back"

Dave - Colorado, USA

"couple days more these plants will need suspenders"

Dave - Colorado, USA

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