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Science and Eco Responsibility

Environmental Impact
ERUPT® Plant Products are the most environmentally friendly plant nutrients available anywhere. ERUPT’s® Science & Engineering teams have engaged with several commercial-scale growers to develop our 4th Generation (4G) growing system and growing with ERUPT’s® new technology and 4G grow model allowed them to increase their yield’s by as much as 50%!

Agriculture, albeit necessary, is the single most harmful activity engaged in by man for the devastating effects on our eco-system. Plant nutrient leaching and nutrient supplement residue are the reason. Crop nutrients and pesticides are added to agro-ecosystems to improve crop production. When not used wisely, these amendments can reduce the quality of soil, water, and air and affect biodiversity. Indicators were needed to assess how well these inputs are being managed. The following indicators were developed to evaluate the management of
nutrient and pesticide inputs on farms & cultivators – and these are now in play North America wide!

For Fertilizer Management: Method of Fertilizer Application, Timing of Nitrogen Application, Reduction of Fertilizers Applied to Offset Nutrient Content of Manure, and Use of Soil Testing.
For Pesticide Management: Timing of Herbicide Application, Timing of Insecticide and Fungicide Application, Sprayer Calibration, and Use of Non-chemical Pest Control Methods.

These indicators are now in play and are being measured. The performance objective is to have all farmers and cultivators using best management practices with respect to nutrient and pesticide deployment and management.

ERUPT® is Committed to the Environment
The massive global plant nutrient market is where we began to re-develop the delivery model of plant nutrients and re-engineer their manufacture. ERUPT® is committed to “ECO” product research, development, engineering and manufacturing – developing the greenest,
most sustainable technologies at market today. Our ERUPT® brand is the most environmentally friendly, complete system, for growing
medicinal marijuana. We guarantee copious yields with the highest value in plant nutrients available through distribution to the consumer – with a “Greener Footprint” for the betterment of our environment – this is good news for our planet, ourselves and those that follow.

ERUPT’s® Nutrients are Different – Here’s “How” & “Why”
It’s no great secret that all plants require “macronutrients” such as Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), and to a lesser degree Sulphur (S), Magnesium (Mg), Calcium (Ca), and to an even lesser degree a range of micronutrients usually measured in ppm (parts per million) or ppb (parts per billion). Three macronutrients Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (N-P-K) are required in significantly greater amounts and two of those are of particular concern when nutrient leaching occurs.

Nutrient leaching occurs when these nutrient ions migrate into ground-water streams and eventually make way to our rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans. Nutrient leaching of phosphate phosphorus can cause intense algae growth leading to “accelerated eutrophication” of our waters, whereas the oxygen depletion causes serious harm and death to aquatic life present in the area. Nutrient leaching of nitrate nitrogen is linked as a cause of Methemoglobinemia, or more commonly known as “Blue Baby Syndrome”

Natural Nitrogen and/or Phosphorus Availability & Leaching Even without the addition of supplemental organic or inorganic nutrients, nitrate nitrogen leaching occurs as it becomes present in soils through “Nitrogen Cycle” activity. These nitrogen forms result from several natural sources, inert atmospheric (N2) nitrogen oxidized by lightening and falling to the ground in rainwater, natural decay of organic matter, and
nitrogen fixation by micro-organisms that utilize atmospheric (N2) nitrogen for use in their own cells (e.g. Azotobacter & Rhizobia). Although to a much lesser degree, the natural leaching of phosphate phosphorus does occur. Most of the phosphorus content in soils (the source almost always being apatite) is immobile or insoluble and therefore not available to plant life before microbial activity converts it to a soluble form.

Nutrient Supplementation
In light of the above, only a small portion of the Nitrogen and Phosphorus required for healthy medicinal herb plants or any plant for that matter is available from natural soils. The case for the addition of supplemental nutrients is quite strong to grow virtually anything. The caveat is that by the addition of the required supplemental nutrients – predominantly Nitrogen and Phosphorus, the exposure to, threat of, and detrimental environmental effects of much higher levels of leaching into our groundwater exists. As exposure to rainwater occurs, while in transit, any mobile nutrient ion from any plant nutrient product is subject to become leachate as it moves through the exchange complex of the soil. Water-soluble products leach profusely; organic products leach to a great extent also as they leave raw nutrient ions continuously in pace with the decay process, slow release products leach to a lesser degree but after the polymer coatings dissolve nutrient ions are left exposed, mobile and are subject to leach into our ground waterways.

ERUPT ® Nutrient Products Leach Less and are Less Harmful
ERUPTTM products leach less, in fact 25-90 % less as reported by independent clinical trials vs. leading organic and in-organic products. That is good news for our planet, environmental management budget(s), and all living things. How does ERUPT ®accomplish this?

Quite simply ERUPT® products do this in two ways:

1) ERUPT® products encapsulate nutrients like a slow release product but rather than doing so by way of a dissolvable polymer coating, ERUPT® products do so through a unique method of ionic attraction at the molecular level rendering the nutrient ions insoluble, but plant accessible. Essentially, rather than presented with nutrients on a timetable unrelated to plant requirements (force fed), the plants are fed more closely to their demand for nutrition.

2) ERUPT® products increase the efficiency of the soil or growing medium to deliver nutrients to the plant root system. The Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) is increased for whatever growing medium when ERUPT ® products are applied.

Additional Advantages with ERUPT ® Nutrient Products
✔ ERUPT® products grow in harsh environments. In independent clinical trials ERUPT’s ® nutrient products grew from seed in sterilized silica sand - no soil whatsoever, and outperformed all leading organic and inorganic competitive products tested.
✔ ERUPT ® products minimize exposure to “Root Rot” as excess moisture is retained in the ERUPT® exchange complex. While held harmless from the plant root structure the excess moisture is plant accessible upon demand lending to the double benefit that plants will also experience little to no exposure to drought.
✔ ERUPT® products tend to correct soil pH and stabilize soil pH fluctuations.
✔ ERUPT® products increase the efficiency of the soil or growing / potting medium. Cation Exchange is the “mode of transit” for nearly all soil derived nutrient requirements for any plant. ERUPT® products increase the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of the soil or medium wherever used.
✔ ERUPT® products encourage bioremediation of the soil or growing / potting medium leading to a favorable environment for required beneficial bacterial activity.
✔ ERUPT®products contain anti-fungal properties, which will protect the plant(s) from harmful fungi.
✔ ERUPT® products leach less – meaning, less harm to our environment and more of the “paid for” nutrient content actually gets to the plant.

Get On-Board – the “Green Train” is Rolling Globally !

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