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My name is John Guin, Chief Growmaster for Grassroots in New Mexico.  I have been growing for 20 years and tend to over 1000 carded medicinal patients.  We are quite familiar and well acquainted with all of the nutrient systems at market today. I met the Erupt Team in 2010 at the Colorado trade show and was given samples of their ProGro Start and Budimus Maximus nutrients.  I ran those products on various strains. The ProGro outperformed anything in growth and health across the board in the Veg. Cycle, however the Budimus flower product lagged at the finish. We documented the results and sent the results back to Robert Heaton the Erupt Guru and 6 months ago they re-formulated the flower product and we ran it again.  The new Erupt Grow System has increased our yields on both Sativa and Indica dominant strains by more than fifty percent (50%) than any nutrient we have ever used. We achieve bigger, tighter and healthier buds. I and Grassroots endorse these products as top of their class.


John Guin, Chief Growmaster

Grassroots, New Mexico

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